You are enough

I love looking at nature. This morning my eyes were drawn towards something very shiny on the bamboo scaffolding just outside my window. It looked like a sparkling diamond or some shiny piece of metal stuck there. Then I realized that it was a water droplet. The sun was just rising and its rays were caught in this droplet and it shone. A few minutes later the sun had risen a little further, the angle of the rays had changed and the water droplet returned to what it was…a simple droplet of water. Just like life. When things are going well for us and we are at the pinnacle of success we shine bright and when things don’t go so well we become dull and allow ourselves to sink deep into sadness. However like the water droplet which was always the same ..the only thing that changed its appearance was the rays of the sun..we need to remember that we are always the same. In success or defeat, in happiness or sadness..whatever the environment surrounding us, our essence is the same. If we are in touch with our true essence, the beauty of our soul, we will truly be happy. And then even if the sun’s rays are not falling on us we will still shine from our own glow. We just need to remember – We are enough. We are the sun not the moon.


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