Reiki Master Level

Becoming a Reiki Master Teacher is a very empowering process of self development and takes a person to higher degree of spiritual healing which enables the Reiki Master/ Teacher to attune others for Reiki 1, 2 and Reiki Master/ Teacher.

✓ Reiki level 3 joins you to the league of Reiki Masters
✓ It increases your Reiki power manifold.
✓ It is also a connection to the energy of the Universe and helps you to connect deep within yourself.
✓ it gives an understanding that you are not alone in this world and have constant guidance from the ultimate source of energy.

What is included in Reiki Master Degree (Level 3):

✓ Recap of level 1 and 2 from Master perspective
✓ Deeper understanding of the symbols taught in level 1 and 2
✓ Master level attunement and also attunement to Level 1 and 2 again
✓ Connection to your spiritual Reiki Guide
✓ How yo teach Reiki
✓ How to give attunements and Reiju
✓ Various exercises to connect with each symbol and heal faster at the level of mind, body and spirit
✓ Learn advance techniques for assessing and removing blocks
✓ Reiki Manual, includes instructions, guidelines, sketches and pictures
✓ Reiki Level 3 certificate

Registration Details
Dates: Jun 22,23, 29,30, July 6,7 (Weekends)
Timings: 6:30 -8:30 pm
Courses fee: Rs 20000/-