Reiki Level 2

Reiki Certification- Second Degree (Level 2)



✓ Reiki Second Degree is professional practitioner level and the main focus is about:
✓ Equipping you to become a professional Reiki practitioner with intention of opening a healing practice
✓ Distant healing across time and space
✓ Group healing

What is included in Reiki Second Degree (Level 2):

✓ Recap of Level 1 and preparing you for advanced Reiki
✓ Your Second Attunement – allows you to tap into higher energetic vibrations
✓ Hand positions for distance healing
✓ Scanning using Pendulum
✓ Clearing space energies
✓ Chakras and Reiki
✓ Distance healing across time and space with level 2 symbols
✓ Attunement to Karuna Reiki symbols in addition to level 2 symbols
✓ Reiki Manual, includes instructions, guidelines, sketches and pictures
✓ Reiki Level 2 certificate


Attending the Reiki Level 1 workshop has opened the doors of self realization, self healing and an urge to heal others in me. It is a very enlightening experience and has calmed me down. Feel a sense of satisfaction. In fact maybe I have found a new purpose in life. Thank you.

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