Reiki Level 1

Reiki Certification- First Degree (Level 1)


Reiki First Degree is the beginning of your relationship with the Universal Life Energy. A Reiki Master Teacher connects you to the Source of the Universal Life Energy through a special procedure called attunement. Once you are attuned, Reiki flows through you whenever you require it for healing. So you can heal yourself and others anytime, anywhere, simply with the touch of your palms.

You will discover-

✓ Simple spiritual practices that helps you to connect with Universal life force energy that flows, heals and nurtures everything.

✓ How to manage your emotions and stress to improve productivity

✓ How to uncover underlying imbalances before they erupt into illness

✓ Ways to deepen your connection to your intuition and life through your Reiki practice

✓ How to create protection for yourself (physically and emotionally) from toxic environments through your Reiki practice

✓ Detoxing with Reiki

What is included in Reiki First Degree (Level 1):

✓ History of Reiki – get inspired by how it all started

✓ Your First Attunement – the process which makes Reiki available to you

✓ Hand positions for Self-Reiki

How to work with energy to stay vital and feel more connected to all of life

✓ Hand positions for giving Reiki to others – family members, friends, clients and pets

✓ Reiki Manual, includes instructions, guidelines, sketches and pictures

✓Reiki Level 1 certificate


✓ You will have continuous support group and mentoring

✓ Access to global community


Dates – May 11 & 12 ( Sat & Sun) 

Timings- 6-8 pm

Course Fee- Rs 3000/-



Reiki healing technique is very powerful. Helping me to experience and learn to heal myself and others in a right guided way by Deepthi was very helpful. Session was a great experience.

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