Connecting to your Ancestors


Pitru Paksha period is described in scriptural texts as a powerful occasion in which we honor and express gratitude to those who have come before and laid for us a path to walk upon- our departed relatives, friends, benefactors, countless souls who have brought grace, wisdom, protection and love to your lives.

This Guided Meditation is designed to connect back to your ancestral line (perfect time to connect to them as it is Pitru Paksha) if there is unfinished business bringing closure to them, getting their blessings, gifts and healing. 

This is a way to harmonize ourselves with the forces of nature. Those of us who live in this world and those who have departed from it are all part of one vital power of consciousness that underlies creation. Therefore giving and receiving of prayers and good will brings about auspiciousness to our lives and then to the lives of those who preceded us in this world.

Come join us this Saturday, Sep 12 at 6.30 pm

Registration Details

Fee – Rs 300/-

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For registration please contact- 9920585483

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