Guided Meditation

One of the greatest challenges is to sit in meditation and build a consistent practice. What we noticed is that people are not able to maintain the consistency in practice or not able to do deeper self work using meditation. 

To make this happen and reap the benefits of meditation we have come up with a program that will help participants to firmly establish themselves in a meditation practice and enable them to do self-work and healing. This will be an ongoing regular meditation classes which will be conducted twice a week.


✓ Each class will be theme-based and focused on different aspects of meditation and self-work

✓ Will help in building a practice and reap the benefits of meditation

✓ Will help in dealing with difficult emotions, releasing that which is not serving you and will enable you to feel more peaceful and happy

✓ Will enable you to integrate mindfulness and meditation into your daily life

Helps to

✓ Reduce negative self talk and improve behaviour

✓ Reduce triggers to anxiety and depression. 

✓ Feel more happy and peaceful

✓ Give better sleep and lessen worrisome thoughts

✓ Enable better clarity of mind and better decision making


Fee – Rs.111/- per class

Payment can be done by Gpay to 9920585483 or through internet bank transfer. Please ask for account details for internet bank transfer.

For registration please contact- 9920585483

You will receive virtual class details prior to the program.