Realising one’s life purpose is the most beautiful thing that can happen to a person. Once you discover, you are born anew. A new chapter starts in your life, taking you on an exciting new journey.

Is your life directed towards your soul calling?

Are you manifesting the life you dream of?

In search of deeper meaning and purpose in life?


Knowing one’s life purpose and moving in that direction, manifesting our dreams can make our life more meaningful and satisfied without which it is like a ship without a compass, lost in the vastness of the sea.

First 23 years of my life I was lost and was just leading life with no clear directions. Then my life changed 360 degrees when I realized my purpose of life. I realized why I am born on this planet. This was one of the most beautiful gifts I received from my Higher Self.

So this workshop is an effort to help you find your own true purpose. To tap into the infinite possibilities to manifest the life that you dream of, which is aligned to your soul calling.

Takeaways from this workshop

✓ Insights about your life direction from your deeper self

✓ Guided meditation to realize one’s life purpose

✓ Chakra system to understand your blocks and to manifest your goals

✓ Framework to create your life goals

✓ Reinforce your existing life goals

✓ Design your own personal life Map

✓ Insights through Divination


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