Awakening Meditations


This is a series of meditations that will help you to perceive life differently, see and understand life from a higher perspective. Once you awaken, you are no more the old self. You are born anew to new possibilities.

This also focuses on understanding the essence of awakening, its nature and how it is deeply linked with our soul evolution.


✓ Simple practices that can be easily incorporated in your lifestyle

✓ Will enable you to integrate mindfulness and meditation into your daily life

✓ Sets right body and mind conditioning for awakening

✓ Insights with true experiences

✓ Will help in building a practice and reap the benefits of meditation

✓ Continuous support in your journey of awakening

Pancha Kosha – Exploring our layers of Being

Mukti Kriya – Ultimate of all the Kriyas


Helps to

✓ Reduce negative self talk and improve behaviour

✓ Reduce triggers to anxiety and depression.

✓ Feel more happy and peaceful

✓ Give better sleep and lessen worrisome thoughts

✓ Enable better clarity of mind and better decision making

✓ Deal with any stressful situation with ease



  • Do I need to attend all the 16 classes? We highly recommend you to attend all the classes as this will enable you to create right conditioning for the body and mind to trigger the process of awakening.
  • If I miss a class will I be able to understand? If under any unforeseen circumstances you are not able to attend a class we will provide a video recording.
  • Can I make the payment for classes on monthly basis? Yes
  • Will there be a support group? Yes there will be a separate Whatsapp  group  and continuous support will be provided to answer any questions you may have.