Thoughts Matter

Training ourselves to think good, do good and be good is extremely necessary in the quest for the ultimate Truth.

When you think that ‘each day is a new beginning and in every way I am getting better and moving towards the goal’ you feel directed, when you affirm in this way you are giving strength to your thoughts.

Words have strength. They can guide you to great heights or they can make you fall. Whenever you are talking to yourself you must be extremely careful. You should always speak positive and encouraging words; with each positive word you speak to yourself you get the energy and strength from them and your belief in the words strengthens them further.
Some of the affirmations I use every morning are:
“Each day is a new beginning with new opportunities. Every day I am learning something new. I can do it. I am capable enough to handle any situation that comes across my life. In every way I am getting better and better and keeping one step ahead towards my goal. Life is beautiful.”

Also it is a very good practice to self-introspect whenever you get time. This will help us to recognise our strengths and weakness. Once you identify your weakness, you need to start working on them. Learn all that you can about your weakness try to experiment and improve on your weakness. This learning can be done by any means, you can read about them in books, Google it, you may take help from your elders who would have faced similar difficulties and understand how they came overcame it, etc. The key thing here is to identify and work on your weakness to make it your strength.


When you surround yourself with positive thoughts and words, your actions would be directed towards goodness.

Authored by GANDHARV

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