The Road Ahead- 7 Areas of Life

road ahead

Wish you all a very happy New Year.

Have you thought about what’s your New Year resolution?  About the goals that you want to achieve in the coming year. The following 7 areas of life model may help you.

Firstly, take time and appreciate yourself for all the things that you have accomplished, all the new connections you made and joyful moments you had last year.  Now think about the things that you would like to achieve in the coming year. Make a list of short term and long term goals in the following 7 areas of life. Growth and exposure in all the areas of life are necessary to get the best from life.  

  1. Spirituality – This area of life deals with your spiritual life. Deals with important questions in life. What is life?  What is this existence? Who am I? What is GOD? And so forth. To become pure and selfless. To build a relationship with GOD. To understand yourself and your Creator.
  2. Health and Fitness – This deals with having healthy mind and body.
  3. Family – This area deals with relationship. Strong relationship that you build with your family. When I say family it is not just about your children, parents and wife. It is more than that. Your wife, children and parents let’s say they form the innermost circle. Next circle includes all your friends, all the people from whom you have taken help. Next circle includes all the people you have come across, interacted with and people whom you have not interacted with- the entire human race. The next circle includes all the living things and non-living things – your entire planet. Your entire planet should be your family.
  4. Career – A profession that you like to do, enjoy doing it.
  5. New learnings, Hobbies & Passions-This area deals with hobbies and passions you have. New learnings can be something new that you want to learn for example learning a new language, learning piano etc.
  6. Noble cause -This is categorized into two sub categories -Humanity service & Nature’s work.  Humanity service deals with all the service that you can do to help and uplift Humanity. Nature works deals with taking care of the nature and this planet.
  7. Entertainment- This I don’t have to explain more 🙂

Don’t concentrate only on one aspect of life. If you are very successful in your career and failure in your family life will that make you happy?

Hence it is necessary to consider all these areas of life. This will help having a balanced growth in all the areas of life. Eventually you will feel satisfied and happy in life because there is overall growth which adds more meaning to your life.

Think about this – even if a person spends 20 mins a day in these areas of life he will have more exposure, growth, satisfaction and will feel happy.

Authored by GANDHARV

Photo by Taylor Jacobs

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