The 3 Approaches

There are 3 approaches to life. Passive approach, proactive approach and flow approach. Passive approach is when you are just doing that which comes in front of you, believing there is no way out of a situation and leading your life thinking this is your fate. Following the herd mentality, like someone is doing, so you also do it.This is also when you are operating from past experiences and learnings and are in a cyclic pattern but you don’t realize it.

Proactive approach is when you are taking full responsibility for your life and you believe you are the co-creator and you are willing to look deeply at what has gone wrong and are ready to make those changes in your life. You make a continuous effort to understand why things are happening the way they are happening in your life. You break the patterns and consciously create your reality.

Flow approach is a very mature approach which you will arrive at after the second approach. In this approach you are in complete harmony and flow with everything. You are in tune with nature and operate from the space of zero point (present moment). Because of this you will find that whenever you think of something it manifests. This may look like a passive approach but it is not so. In this approach you are flowing without friction and are fully aware of the continuous dynamic exchange that is happening between you and the universe.

Authored by GANDHARV

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