Lord Vishnu taught Arjuna on the war field which triggered him to fight for the truth and integrity.

Two lines of wisdom can alter your life for ever. It can change the course of your dreams and thinking pattern. Yesterday, I was thinking about teacher though it is personal, I thought of posting this on blog.
In my life, the greatest teacher has been GOD and life itself (This includes all the people that I have met, nature, books that I have read and everything that has happened until now). I deeply respect this and I am very thankful for this.
I want to share with you a small story from our scriptures in this context.
Why should the teacher be respected?
It seems, some friends of Arjuna, the mighty warrior in Mahabharata, asked him why he gave so much respect to his teacher Dronacharya. Drona was old, not as rich as Arjuna, and never ruled any kingdom. But Arjuna would always sit at his feet respectfully. When asked why, it seems Arjuna replied “In this life everything perishes over a period of time. Whether it be diamond, beauty, gold or even land. Only one thing withstands this destruction. It is knowledge. The more you give the more you get”. A teacher gives knowledge to students and I consider him the richest person. That is the reason a teacher is respected; not for his riches but because he is the source of knowledge.
I bow down with great respect to the Lord and all the great teachers in this world.

Authored by GANDHARV


  1. Anonymous

    Too Good!

  2. Deepthi

    Beautiful! Well said! Learning is in everything. You just have to acknowlege and have a mind open to learning – and you will find a teacher in every aspect of life.


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