Tarot Master Certification


Come Join us for the Tarot Master Certification and learn this ancient art of Divination

When you are travelling to a new city how helpful it would be if you have a map in your hand. It gives you all the details of the new city and shows you the shortest route towards your destination. You can also look at places where to eat and rest 🙂

Just like a map can help us similarly guidance from the Universe can help us to understand our path. It can help us to direct our energies towards the destination that we are meant to go. You can get guidance for any area of your life, it may be for relationships, love life, finance, career, education, spiritual growth etc..


One of the easiest and most intuitive ways of divination is by using Tarot cards. These card contain the secrets of the Universe. One can predict the future and seek guidance on the way forward or even find missing objects. Sometimes we are at crossroads and stumped as to which way we should go. Turn to the cards and they will guide you.

In this course you will learn the language of Tarot. You will learn to read intuitively without ever having to refer to any book. Your deck of cards will become your friend for life.

What is included in Course Curriculum ?

✓ Introduction to Tarot

✓ Know how to work with your cards

✓ Major Arcana

✓ Minor Arcana

✓ Reading Reversals

✓ Reading for yourself

✓ Reading for others

✓ Card Layouts and Spreads

✓ Tarot Ethics

✓ Group activities and exercises

✓ Continuous support group

✓ Tarot Master Certification 



✓ How long is this course? 6 classes on weekends

✓ Are there any course prerequisites or requirements? You will need the Rider Waite Tarot deck and an open mind.

✓ Who is this course for? Anyone who is willing to trust their intuition and has an interest in improving their life or to help others.


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First and foremost, I am very glad that I have people like Deepthi and Gandharv in our lives. Whenever we have a challenge we can always look up to them to help us out or arrive at a logical way forward.
I would like to narrate two incidents as a part of my tarot card reading with Deepthi. I remember that day very well. We are on a Whatsapp video call. I had two things bothering me then. My mother's health and a struggle in my mind to continue in my present job or start my own business.
My mother at time was in her final stages of a very cruel and debilitating disease. Its a terminal illness disease called PSP (Progressive supranuclear palsy). Its often mistaken for Parkinsons but a higher version for which there is no cure. In Covid times today we all struggle to know as to when there would be a cure. But for PSP as it affects a very small fraction of the world population the pharma industry has not been as aggressive to find a cure for PSP though it's been there since ages. The disease affects the nervous system and the patient loses her control to eat or speak or walk. Due to this we could never know what was in her mind. She would just stare at us lovingly and hoping that we know what she wanted to say. She was like a baby to me and my wife, Veena. Ok why this long story ...thats when we turned to Deepthi as to if she can read her mind and predict the future. On the day of the tarot card reading she politely told us for now she can only answer questions about me and not my mother as I am the one whose cards are being read. But the gentle soul that she is, she called me the next day  saying she communicated with my mother's soul and my mother wanted us to know, she knows she wont live long but she loves us a lot and wants us to be strong should she give up anytime soon. Mothers as always will only think about their children. Our friend Deepthi gave us so much of comfort that day by telling us what we never could know otherwise. Well my mom fought on for another 2 years till one day before he death, we requested Deepthi to converse with her once again. Then too all she wanted us to know was we should stay strong and that she will want to give up and be in heaven. She left us the next day. Well this was not a part of the tarot card reading but once again the point is Deepthi was our medium to communicate with my mother.
Well coming back to the second point regarding my career, she advised me that my present organisation is not stable and it wont last long. She also advised me to start my own business which should do well. Both of them turned out to be true. As i write this testimonial I have left my job and news is its not doing too well. My business inspite of the lockdown and its challenges are doing pretty good for a start up.
Both Gandharv and Deepthi have truly helped us when it mattered the most. She has this unique ability to converse with souls and give us information that can help us handle that situation well.
 I am sorry this is too long for a testimonial but for me I had always wanted to share these facts to people who would want to work with them to know they are masters on this subject. Most important they remain friends for life and not just as a consultant!

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