The first step is to measure whatever can be easily measured.
This is okay as far as it goes,
The second step is to disregard that which cannot be easily measured
or to give it an arbitrary value.
This is artificial and misleading.
The third step is to presume that what cannot be measured
isn’t really important.
This is blindness.
The fourth step is to say that what can’t be measured
            doesn’t really exist.
            This is suicide.
                                                — Robert MacNamara
Everything in this world cannot be explained by logic or in scientific terms. But our system is such that a person looks for a scientific explanation for everything. Yes, by all means look for scientific explanations but don’t stop at that, it is not the end. Some things can only be explained by pure awareness of the being, logic and scientific explanations fail here. The person has to have a direct experience to understand. For example: Love
It is difficult to understand love,
But it is easy to feel it,
It is difficult to derive an equation and prove love,
But it is easy to experience and love.
Similarly realization of self is something that can only be understood when a person experiences it. Mind is the only connection to realize our true Self. Mind is the only starting point to uncover the hidden inner world. It is only by training the mind that a person can open the doors to his inner self within his mind.
Every person has the divine with him; it is left to each individual to uncover it. Only by looking inward can a person experience the reality of himself.

Authored by GANDHARV


  1. Anand

    Awesome blog dude!! Well explained that everything cannot be measured scientifically, there are things which can be explained only by experiencing ourselves; another simple example for this is to learn swimming without jumping into water. Its totally impossible to do this until and unless he jumps in water.

    I even liked the picture very much because its very much related.

  2. Gandharv

    Thanks Anand

  3. Deepthi

    Fantastic! And so true! We spend our lives looking outward, looking for happiness outside, looking for opinions outside..when all the time what we were looking for was within us. Let us first look within ourselves for that well of love and happiness and satisfaction. Then the spark of the divine will set us alight.


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