What seems obvious is not always the truth. Often truth lies concealed in the shadows, just out of reach of our keenest gaze.
Everything is Super – natural in its true form, only we are not aware of this.
People have coined the term supernatural since they don’t understand the laws behind it. A farmer who sees a mobile for the first time and comes to know that he can talk with people in distant lands through the mobile it is a supernatural thing for him. He feels it is a miracle. Similarly an advance science can be supernatural. This world is full of mysteries.

What is not a mystery? Birth is mystery. Death is a mystery. Laws that govern are a mystery. Life itself is a mystery.
Gravity always existed before man discovered it and it continues to exist even if man were to forget it. Just like gravity existed even before its discovery, similarly are the laws governing the universe. They exist irrespective of man’s discovery. These laws don’t depend on any person’s belief or perception. They are the building blocks of nature. They bring order in chaos.
Just like there are natural laws similarly there are spiritual laws. Everyone is aware of natural laws up to some extent but very few who have tried and explored the nature of their Self have discovered spiritual laws.
Now you must be wondering what this spiritual law is and why it is necessary for us to seek to know them.
The laws that govern the spirit are known as spiritual laws. It is necessary for us to know them because we are spirit embodied in this body. Our body is just a vehicle. Just like we change our clothes when it is dirty similarly we change our body when the body loses the capacity to hold the spirit or when the spirit finishes its allotted life span in that body. Spirit is also known as soul or atma in a living being. All the knowledge that a soul has learnt in its long journey (many lives) is stored in it. There are ways to access this knowledge. It is for this reason that knowledge of Self is known as Mother of Wisdom or it is also known as Brahmavidya, by realizing which, it changes his/her life forever.

Authored by GANDHARV


  1. Swaroop Roy

    very nice gigu … it was full of knowledge, i feel myself very lucky to receive this knowledge ,through u 🙂

  2. Gandharv

    @Swaroop : 🙂


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