Strength n. the ability to resist being broken by – Strength n. the ability to resist being broken by a force. 

Strong adj. able to stand against attack.

I was thinking, there are so many strengths neglected by us and so many are wrongly considered to be ‘strong’.

For a child, taking his first steps is strength. Thus, the triumphant grin, even though he’s wobbling. That’s the feeling of achievement.What I am talking about, here, is emotional strength. I’m not one to write about body. Sometimes, being strong simply means accepting the fact that something is wrong or accepting help, relying on somebody (not everybody, don’t get me wrong). Believe me, trust and commitment need tremendous strength. Being strong is following a dream, but knowing your limits at the same time. Not letting a piece of the past define you and change you in a negative way takes a lot of strength. Strength is getting out from bed on one of ‘those’ days. Strength is willingness to see the light and to believe in it.

You are allowed to have your set of fears. Mine include needles, heights and the dark. Strength is accepting your fears. “Yes, I’m scared of them. So what?”

There are innumerable little instances in life when your strength flares up without you even knowing it. Then there are times when you’ve got to summon this strength. But, it’ll come only when you rise above the pride and arrogance that has possibly been consuming you.

Authored by Anshruta Divakaran

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