Every person undergoes these two states: state of depression; state of happiness.
I want to share a small lesson that I learnt from watching the sky the other day.
Observe the vastness of the sky – that is how we should be. We should have a broad vision and a large heart.  By large heart I mean a heart large enough to accept life as it is and face it courageously. And the clouds – sometimes the clouds are dark and sometimes they are white and they keep moving. Similarly a person’s life is filled with sadness like dark clouds and happiness like white clouds. They are moving all the time. We should learn to tolerate them and remain non- attached as the sky is detached from the clouds. And the glowing Sun during the day time and moon during the night represents the hope of light in everyone’s life – during difficult times.
I believe everything in life has a reason; it may be difficult to know what may happen in future or why it happened so in the past. But one day when time comes, we will definitely be able to connect all the dots in life.

Authored by GANDHARV

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  1. Deepthi

    A very nice interpretation of the sky. You have truly put into practice what you preach. I mean just the other day you posted on how you find a teacher in everything.


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