Simple Ways To Refresh Your Energy

Energy is the most important of all, we continuously live on energy. Without energy there is no life. There are 5 main sources of energy food, water, sleep, deep breathing and Meditation. Usually people are familiar only with the first 3 types of energy i.e food, water and sleep, they are not completely aware of the benefits of deep breathing and Meditation.

We are using this energy for our body and mind activities like seeing, speaking, hearing, thinking and all physical actions.So more the energy more is the efficiency and we feel more lively, more active and strong.

Unfortunately there are many factors which are throwing us out of balance. Many may not getting good sleep, no proper nutrition, no proper sunlight, electrolyte or water. Many others like mental stress, physical stress, toxins in water, food, air, cell phone radiations, due to electrical lines, cables and lighting, all these diminish the energy level and reduces the efficiency.

Now then, how to keep our energy levels up all the time ? What is the remedy?

Do deep breathing and meditation.

By deep breathing and by meditation we can draw lots and lots of energy. When you draw more and more energy , you feel very strong, stable and lively.You can actually feel tingling of energy in your body.

* There are some other simple ways to refresh you energy too , I have listed them below try them

1. Spend one day a month in total silence! It may seem difficult at first, but I guarantee that you will find it refreshing and energizing. Imagine, just for a moment, what it might be like to give the chatterbox in your head a rest!

2. A simple and quick walk can do wonders for your energy level. Walking gets your heart a pumpin’, and once again, the blood rushes to your brain, energizing those tired, slumping brain cells!

3. Studies show that 20 minutes of sunlight can make all the difference in your energy level. Get as close to daylight as you can, and smile.

4. Smiling lowers your blood pressure, helps you to relax, relieves stress, exercises 15-26 facial muscles, makes you look younger as it lifts the face…and it fires up various parts of your brain.

5. Slouching can cause your brain to receive up to 30% less blood and oxygen. It also compresses your internal organs, compromising their efficiency. Hunching over your computer promotes shallow breathing. Break this!

6. Most people are “shallow breathers.” This type of breathing causes carbon dioxide to build up in your blood and make you doze-y, snooze-y and lethargic. By taking in a few deep breathes, you will get the oxygen moving through your system again. This will help you to become alert!

7. Trying to be perfect can be exhausting, and it can lower glucose levels in your brain, making it that much more difficult to function! When your “perfection gene” gets activated, remember to embrace imperfection. What a relief! Enjoy the wave of peaceful and calm energy that now flows through you.

8. Flowers are another one of life’s miracles! They have a wonderfully bright, positive, and warm energy that can lighten and energize any room and/or person. Try putting a white vase with red or pink flowers on your bedside table and just see how energy rises.

9. Watching funny movies decreases certain stress-related hormones! Stress slows us and drains us. Laughter energizes us. Enough said? Make a list of your top 10 funny movies, now! And watch them.

10. Human beings are made up of approximately 70 percent water. If you are not drinking enough, if you are dehydrated, then your body slows its circulation and, in turn, your energy goes tumbling on down. Drink a glass right now, so that you are energized while reading the rest of these refreshing tips! Bottoms up!

11. A quick splash of cold water, first thing in the morning, may energize you even better than a cup of caffeinated coffee! No kidding.

12. Sing, chant, hum, dance, prance, bang your drums, run in circles, skip, and/or walk backwards. Do what you have to do to shake the doldrums out of you!

Authored by GANDHARV

*Collated from external sources


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