Shamanic Rattles

Every rattle has a soul of it’s own and it speaks to you

My wife gifted me a rattle which she created painstakingly looking into all the details carefully. She creates it using natural elements like seeds from fruits, twigs, paper, threads, beads, feathers (which she procures from nature), etc. She tunes into nature and creates the rattle that a person needs. And I always wonder at the creativity that the universe comes up with. Every design is unique and special for a person. Each rattle sends out a specific signature vibration to the universe and brings joy, peace, protection, love and healing when used.

Each rattle has a soul of it’s own. It speaks it’s rhythm and connects deep and builds a special bond with the person who is using it. The more a person uses the stronger the bond.

Rattles are the power tools for shamans/ healers. They are traditionally used all over the world for connecting with nature…with the spirit worlds. They are valuable tools for healing, clearing space, protection and for altering your brainwaves so you can travel on shamanic journeys.

There are different types of rattle we make

1. Healing or Medicine rattles
2. Power rattles
3. Shamanic ritual rattles
4. Rattles made for specific intentions

Below are the some of the rattles that we made for our clients.

The shiny centre is the womb of the universe. Around it and growing from it are numerous beings..our souls and those of our ancestors. They are forming the spiralling palm a sign of blessing.

The sign of infinity or the infinite stands connecting them to the next circle. That part of the rattle which is the base is made in colours of the sky and water. That stand for grandfather sky and the waters of the Earth. So the ancestors and elders are infinitely connected to the sky and seas. The stem of the rattle is made in colours of the Earth. This is for grounding and it stands for Mother Earth.

So you have the higher beings working with you as your rattle. There’s connection to the grandfather sky and mother earth and the healing waters infinitely and for ever. And you will be totally grounded as there is so much of the higher frequencies here.

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Gift yourself a rattle that produces energy imprints unique to you for mind, body & soul harmony.


The colours are specific to our client. Green represents healing. It also symbolizes the plant and tree people. The red is for power and joy. The top is a red and black and red circle which will increase the power of your intention while rattling. The rattle specifically wanted the petals on it for the flower people. The stem of the rattle is a tree branch covered in brown thread. Brown is for connection with mother earth and for grounding while rattling. There are 3 seed beads on the rattle which stand for the 3 realms. The voice of the rattle is again seeds from the trees.

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Rattles are the gifts of nature for emotional healing and journeying.   



This rattle was created for our client for emotional healing and journeying. The colours rattle asked for are the colours of the sea. This rattle is not only for journeying but also for emotional healing that the sea will provide you with each time you use the rattle. The handle is pink. That is for connection to your  heart while rattling. The beads around the neck are multicoloured for the joy of life.

Rattles can be used for New birthing – manifestations, to heal from disease and to tune into to mother nature. 
The waves at the base symbolise death. The little round and other outgrowth are the birth happening from the death..death brings rebirth. The base is the Void which holds all secrets that give rise to birth and death. So the blue and white base that represents the Void. The handle made out of a tree branch is in red. Power to the rattle for allowing you to journey into the powerful realms of death and dying.The rudraksh symbolises the third eye of Shiva. The destroyer and it is for deepening intuition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many days to make a rattle after the order?

We usually take 15-20 days to make since it is handcrafted specifically for a person and is unique.