Self- Knowledge Simplified

Meditation is the first step in the path of realization of self, realization of GOD and being in touch with the soul. This is the path to Enlightenment.

When the person’s awareness level is at SOUL, then the person is said to be an Awakened person, a Complete Man- A person who remembers everything about himself ( about all his lives) and his connections with everyone and everything. This entire process of realizing or becoming aware of his true nature is Realization of the Self. This is Self-Knowledge. After this a person can become aware of his true connections with the Creator. And the process of realizing GOD or CREATOR is known as Realization of GOD. After all these a person is said to be liberated Soul. Such a person is out of the cycle of life and death, a person who has gone beyond life and death by decoding the secret of himself. Such a person is called Enlightened being. This is also known as Nirvana or Moksha or Liberation or Enlightenment.

Evolution-Growth- Knowledge, Self-Realization, GOD Realization, Our Connections (with everyone, universe) are the four important fundamental things that a person should explore in life. Only then can a person truly can know himself the TRUTH of reality and existence. 

Authored by GANDHARV


  1. rama

    Nice description, however I wish to know, when someone reaches the stage beyond birth and death, will he attain this stage here on this earth, if so, how he will mingle with others? Because according to Shiv baba this is a kind of stage one should obtain in this mundane world, in this birth itself. Like it is a stage over and above this body conscious ness. Hither to people said we should practice it again and again and when we can not accomplish it in this birth we carry it forward to next and next births. But baba says, no this is the last birth and you have to achieve it now. Accordingly you will take next birth in the svarg. Sva means soul, ga means gone. Gone to svarg, heaven. Where every one is soul conscious. And is called a deity. Here every one is body conscious and devils.

  2. Deepthi

    Exploration of the Higher or Real Self by oneself. A moving in towards reality as it is, away from what we percieve as reality. Sounds complex. but actually a simple concept – of moving inwards, of facing the truth.

  3. Gandharv

    @Rama : Thanks for visiting the blog.

    It is our birth right to know ourself.

    Coming to your question he will attain this stage here on this earth and “Yes” he will mingle with others. ( Again being associated or mingling with others is his personal choice)

    Buddha is an example for your question. Buddha attained enlightenment here in this earth.

    You should also read this article
    it may help you to understand better.

    On this path effort never goes vain, and there is no failure. Even a little effort toward spiritual awareness will help you, and you will carry this from one birth to another.

    Don’t believe in what others has to tell you, explore for yourself to know the truth whether there is After life. And this article may also help you as a pointer


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