Self Created Cage

If you clearly examine our present times, people are fancied by the idea of becoming rich, gaining power and having popularity. But in reality all these ideas are created by whom?
All these are created by the people and now they are chasing their own fancied ideas.
Does the pursuit of these goals have any true meaning?
Is this life?
Is it worth wasting our valuable life chasing artificially created desires?
When we were born we had nothing. We came empty handed. When we die we will have nothing. We go empty handed. And in this short life the basic necessity that a person requires is food to fill his stomach, few clothes to cover his body, a small place to live. Keeping apart what people’s beliefs are if you see in reality these are the only few basic essential requirements that a person requires for his survival.
Why should we not live in contentment with just enough to fulfill reasonably the few needs imposed by nature, devoting the time we could save thereby to the acquirement of assets of a permanent nature, which would be with us forever, a lasting ornament to the unchanging eternal Self in us instead of serving merely to glorify the flesh?
The real measure of a man’s wealth is what he has invested in eternity
Think about it.
Is this all there is to life – going to work, making money, eating, watching TV and sleeping?
Or is there some thing we are missing or we are not seeing and we are ignorant.
What is the difference between us and animals then? Are we not living blindly like animals in our self created cage?

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Authored by GANDHARV



  1. Deepthi

    Yes. We often forget that the greatest strength lies within ourselves.

  2. SAP

    Worth Thinking !!!!!!!!


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