Prayer is the purest form of love one can offer to the divine Almighty GOD. And prayer is at its purest form when expectations are not attached to it.

Prayer is a sacred expression of love to the divine and should be offered with deep conviction and love.

 Everyone is so busy in their daily worldly life, that they have forgotten the value and sacredness of prayer. They have time for partying, eating, sleeping, shopping, movies, gym, beauty parlour etc and are busy in making money but they don’t have time for prayer. They can schedule everything into their list but cannot spend 10 minutes a day for prayer. When they are asked why? The standard answer you get is “I have no time and I am so busy”. Think about this.  Is everything more important than GOD? This very existence is HIS great gift and don’t we have 5 minutes in a day to thank him for it. Realize how ignorant we are.

There is a saying in Kannada “ Kasta bandaga venkataramana” . It means when a person is in trouble or suffering he tends to pray to GOD. Is this not similar to shop keeping business? When you want to buy something what do you do? You go to a shop take the item you want and pay for it. Wherever there is any question of buying and selling, it is not love. So, when a man prays to God, “Give me this, and give me that”, it is not love. How can it be? I offer you a prayer, and you give me something in return; that is what it is, mere shop keeping.

My intention of writing this article is to wake people who have forgotten the sacredness of prayer and is living in ignorance by valuing worldly things.

Authored by GANDHARV


  1. Deepthi

    This article is ‘bang on’. This is what most of us do. Praying is either something that is in we have to go to church because it is a sunday or it is a ‘spare wheel’ we pull out at the time of trouble Instead prayer should be a ‘steering wheel’ which puts our life on track. Prayer should be thanks giving from the heart, in good times and bad.

  2. Prithiraj Sengupta

    This is a really nice article. The relationship between god and an individual is not the relationship between a customer and a shop keeper.

  3. Gandharv

    @Prithiraj Sengupta

    Thanks for taking time and leaving your comments here.


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