Pop Your Thoughts


When one sits for meditation it is common to have thoughts – thoughts about daily life and especially for women thoughts about her family and chores. People find these thoughts disturbing – they feel these thoughts do not allow them to go into deep meditation. I would compare a person sitting in meditation with a bottle of soda. The moment you open a bottle the fizz bubbles out and the bubbles keep coming and coming till after a point they just stop. The bottle is filled with clear still liquid. If you try to cap the lid back to stop the fizz from getting out what happens when you open it again?  The bubbles start again! The mind is similar. It keeps busy throwing up thoughts like the fizz from the bottle. Just let the thoughts come. Don’t follow them. Just let them go. Concentrate on the mantra you are chanting or on your breath or a flame or a faraway point…. whatever suits you. The thoughts will greatly reduce. And gradually go away completely and your mind will be at peace. This may not happen in the first sitting but will definitely happen over a few sittings. Meditation is simple. It is not a struggle. Just flow with yourself and let your thoughts go. That is the key.

Happy meditation.

Authored by Deepthi 

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