Not a competitor but a teacher


There are many times in my life when I felt upset because I used to compare myself with others. I used to think that the other person is better than me. I used to question myself how that other person has so much talent? Why don’t I have? Why I am not able to execute the way other person is doing? An important realisation occurred to me that in this entire world there will be some one or the other better than the rest. It is pointless to think I should be better than the other person because there will be someone else taking his place even if I become better than that person and again I will think this person is better than me and I will feel upset about it and this cycle continues. So instead of thinking this way I should accept the fact that the other person is better than me because that is the truth at this moment of time, and treat him as my teacher instead of a competitor and focus my attention in excelling myself. This will not only help me in not feeling upset it also helps me to grow with full satisfaction and happiness.

The only competitor for you should be you yourself. And with your own pace you can excel in the area that you choose.

When you think the other person as a competitor you tend to treat him as your enemy. You want to excel and do better than him so you don’t want the other person to succeed. You create enmity or “I don’t like you” feeling within you. This not only stops your growth but also brings lot of unhappiness within you. So when you treat him as a teacher, you will learn from him the skills and techniques he is using to perform better. You will be more open for learning and taking help from him or any other person for excelling yourself to become better and better. More importantly there will be emotions of respect and admiration in your heart for others and will have positive thoughts and emotions for others. So this way you not only learn new skills but also learn to co-operate and build connectedness with others.

Authored by GANDHARV


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