Natural way of healing

Say YES to natural way of healing. It works wonders.
Yesterday I had a very bad cold which increased during night. I checked my chakras, my heart and throat chakras were partially blocked. I gave myself a full body healing and went to sleep. I had a healing dream. In this dream I was venting out emotions of feeling bad about myself for the things that I was not able to do. And at the end of the dream there was like a happy ending where everything is fine. Morning I did Surya Namaskar and checked my chakras, all my chakras were balanced and active but they were weak. I gave myself one more round of full body healing with Reiki, I now feel very energised and feel much relieved. Nature has gifted us with many such wonderful natural ways of healing, encourage you all to make use of it more often.
For those who are new to the concept of chakras. Chakras are the connectors which connects the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspect of a Being. They are known as energy centers or scared centers within us.

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