A jug fills drop by drop.


I think that every person is in their own growth state, each takes his/her own time to learn and grow. So we need to respect that fact and allow nature to teach him/her or if we can help we should help and encourage him/her to grow. And I think it is very natural that we may be childish and immature during the growth state where we may commit mistakes without proper understanding or reasoning. Every person commits mistakes. It would be a miracle to find a person who has not made any mistakes in his life.

Committing a mistake is just one side of the coin; it has meaning only when you consider the other side – realising your mistake and correcting it – else it remains as black dots in your journey.

But once we have progressed in life towards a state of understanding, realizing or more mature thinking, it is important for us to introspect deeply about the mistakes that we have committed and if it can be fixed it should be fixed. One should make sure that he does not take it negatively and blame himself, because this will only damage his progress, instead he needs to take it in the right perspective and move ahead.

This is the positive side of mistakes, if a person realizes his mistakes truly and can change himself to become a better person then the learning that he gets from the mistakes he has committed becomes his wisdom.

Past is past, we cannot change the past. But we can change our future to become pure souls, better human beings by moving towards Divinity. Choice is yours!!!

Authored by GANDHARV

Photosource : courtesy blog.caplin.com/2011/07/27/the-psychology-of-ux-part-3/ ,Vanessa 

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  1. Deepthi

    Very true. Everyone makes mistakes. That is why pencils have erasers 🙂


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