Mindful Walking

Mindfulness is being aware, becoming awake to what’s happening inside you and outside you moment by moment.

Usually our mind tends to be in its own world, either in the past or in the future rarely in this MOMENT. Especially when we have problems to solve our mind keeps thinking about it. Training the mind to be in this moment is a life-time practice. Today I practiced mindful walk.

What is mindful walk?

A walk when you just witness or observe everything that you are feeling, your thoughts, sensations in the body, listening to sounds around, seeing everything around you in slow motion. When we do this we activate the awareness part of our consciousness.

Main difference between normal walk and mindful walk is you are more aware and notice everything.

I have been walking this road many times but I had not observed before there was a pattern in trees that are planted in the road divider- after every 7-8 tress there is  electric pole. The wonderful bluish sky in the background with tress of different shades and yellowish flowers, atleast 5 different types birds chirping…. people breathing heavily when they are walking. So many insights pop up which was not noticed before.

Such a wonderful mindful walk I had today. The feel good factor after the walk is awesome.

Have you tried mindful walk?

Tell me your experience

Things to do-

1. As you walk observe different trees and their leaves- it’s structure, size and color.

2. Play with your awareness, zoom out and zoom in to one particular sound. Filter out and bring your awareness on few sounds like birds chirping. Expand your awareness to notice all different types of sounds.

3. Observe your breathe after you walk for few kilometres.

4. Keep your mind open and explore the path.

Authored by GANDHARV

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