Mind Training & Meditation


A spiritual exploration in a scientific way

Meditation is the first step in the path of realisation of self, realisation of GOD and being in touch with the soul

Join us for a 2 day workshop conducted on weekends, 2 hours each day.

We all face the ups and downs in life.  When these challenges become more intense life can seem overwhelming, exhausting and stressful.

In this workshop we will provide you with practical, easy to use, effective tools to train your mind,  to remain calm, peaceful, and at ease no matter what challenges life brings you.

In today’s intensely changing world this course is a must. It will help assure that when there are road blocks you steer clear of them and that you make every day a beautiful one!

You will

✓ Begin the sacred journey of within

✓ Learn tools and techniques to keep yourself energetic, calm and  focused.

✓ Reduce anxiety and stress in your daily life

✓ Maintain a day to day life that is grounded

Now is the time to change your life! Book your spot.

The door that opens a new journey

Thank you so much for all your time, care, consideration and prayers! My gratitude to God and to Deepthi & Gandharv is immense. My life feels turned around and I know that was the right decision to approach them. I am awake, sane, happy, coping, and am enjoying my beautiful life. Thank you.

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