Love & Smile

We should not differentiate between people based on the work they do. He may be a CEO, software engineer, a clerk, peon or a toilet cleaner – at the end of the day each person is a human being. Everyone should be treated equally without differentiation.

GOD sees people as they are inside, not for what they do.

This world is a beautiful creation, where it is meant to be filled with love and happiness. Love is the very nature of the soul. Without love the soul dies and the world would too.

Every person wants to be loved. When you love a person without seeking anything in return or without any expectations, such a love is said to be unconditional love. Here you love a person because you love. When you do this and when you smile everything changes around you. You create a strong vibration of love and positive field around you. People start responding to you nicely, nature starts responding to you. It has been found by scientists that even plants respond when you love the plant and nurture it. And if you have pets you can understand what I am saying.

You feel good when you love whole heartedly. At the same time when people reciprocate you feel overjoyed but we should not worry about whether they reciprocate or not.  One day or the other they will reciprocate. This is the beauty of love. Have you ever wondered why people like to love small babies and to play with them? It is because babies smile and love everyone around them without differentiation.

Authored by GANDHARV


  1. Deepthi

    I love this article. Love is a life changer. “Everything is, everything exists,only because I love”- Leo Tolstoy

  2. nagraj

    nice may not get the person whom u love 🙁
    finally destiny matters….

  3. Gandharv

    @ nagraj: Thanks. From your comments I understand you are referring to lover, when you meet your right partner who is meant for you nothing can stop you from her.


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