Light Within

Our body is a sacred temple which houses the Divine. To invoke this divinity one has to be pure and this purification of self can be done in the following ways

1. Meditation
2. Devotion
3. Self introspection and correcting oneself and moving towards goodness
4. Thinking good, doing good and being good and by service to humanity without expectation.
All the above 4 should be implemented in one’s lifestyle to become the purest of purest.And this very purification makes himself aware of the DIVINE.

Authored by GANDHARV

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  1. Deepthi

    Right. Divinity is within ourselves. Everyone has the capability to invoke this divinity within. But the problem is that people look outwards not inwards. Spirituality is confused with Religion, and godliness is mired in the fake sadhus and sadhvis duping people with their magic tricks.


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