Lesson Learnt

LeafThis sucks, that sucks, EVERYTHING sucks. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! Take a break. Take a moment to admire the vibrant green of the trees and the amazingly citric taste of the orange in your hands. Feel the coolness of the bench you’re sitting on in this freezing month; be happy you are all smug in your coat. Now don’t just ignore that old beggar like that! Be thankful you have respectable means to make ends meet, try and enjoy every moment of your life. Optimism – now I won’t say it solves everything, but it sure does make it better. Hopefulness – yes, it won’t do all the work, but hey, it’s an apt start! Past failures, regrets, disappointments, everything negative, each negative aspect is not worth brooding over. Not worth your precious time and attention. Move on. Let go.

For a change, instead of just existing, try living.

Authored by Anshruta Divakaran


Anshruta is a young collegiate who is an avid reader. She has deep interest in Human Psychology and Photography.

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