Learn to move on

A wise man once sat in the audience & cracked a joke. All laughed like crazy. 

After a moment he cracked the same joke again and a little less people laughed this time. 

He cracked the same joke again & again, when there was no laughter in the crowd,  he smiled and said,

“When u can’t laugh on the same joke again & again, then why do u keep crying over the same thing over and over again”

Source: Mail


  1. Deepthi

    A very insightful post. Hurt runs deep and joy is always superficial. I think we should make a conscious effort to turn this the other way round. 🙂 Lets be happy always. Don’t sweat the small things.

  2. soulcare

    Truly inspirational !

  3. Gandharv

    @Deepthi : Thanks so much for your support and your valuable comments as always 🙂

    @soulcare : Thanks for taking time to visit the blog and dropping your comments…


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