Keep Your Mind Open

Keep your mind open,
Keep your mind open else you cannot open your mind.
Keep your mind open,
Keep your mind open else you cannot know the unknown.
Keep your mind open,
Keep your mind open else you cannot open the 7 doors of mind.
Keep your mind open,
Keep your mind open this can make you know who you are.
People should not limit their understanding and should be of open mind. When you limit your mind it’s like limiting your growth and learning. It limits your opportunities and obstructs the path you are traveling.
 Life becomes very dull when the person does not explore the truth of his existence and creation. Each person has great potential in him. To know anything worthwhile in this life it requires great self effort. Just as we spend time in the study of other subjects similarly one should dedicate himself to study the nature of mind. It is this mind that can take you to the core of your being.
Don’t come to any kind of conclusion from the books you read or what you hear from others when you are investigating the truth of life. You would have read and heard about many sacred texts but it is similar to a blind man listening to what people describe. Different people write different things based on their level of understanding and experience. Observe, learn from everything and come to a conclusion only after your true experience.
Only when you start your search for truth can you study the nature of it. Keep your mind open to all the ideas and experiment on them. Without experimenting you can never know the truth of life, you can never know the splendor, the beauty of your existence.

Authored by GANDHARV


  1. Deepthi

    A broad outlook is necessary in everything, otherwise you dont know what you will be missing through your narrowness.

  2. Gandharv

    The Buddha was once sitting among his devotees when a man walked in and exclaimed that God exists. The Buddha nodded quietly in agreement. The man left happy having received the Buddha’s approval. Later in the afternoon, another man declared that God does not exist and looked expectantly at Buddha, who simply nodded again. He, too, went out joyfully at the Buddha’s consent and left a confused lot of devotees behind.
    That night another man came and told Buddha, “I don’t know whether God exists or not, but I would like to find out”, to which the Buddha answered, “Then you have come to the right place. You stay here and we will discover.” The devotees were completely bewildered – such contrary responses in just a matter of a day. The Buddha explained, “The first two who came – the believer and the atheist, were opinionated. They were not seekers. The last one, who came with the acknowledgement of his ignorance and an open mind, is a sincere seeker. He would attain the truth.”


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