Energy Clearing- Case study


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The reality is so deep and lot of things influence and effect the place we live in.
A case study on the energy clearing on a place my wife worked on.
Lady and the black magician 
A plot of land where nothing prospers. Even after breaking it into parts and giving it for various businesses there was no prosperity. 
On entering the land energetically the spirit of a lady came at me. Very ferocious wanting me to get away and not come there to do any work. Her state was quite bedraggled, her body was almost withering away. She said she is happy to be there. And she gets her energy from the place. She sucks out all the energy from the place and no good can happen there. Black magic was done on the land and she was put there by a tantrik. She used to be in love with the tantrik and he had promised to marry her. But when he needed a virgin for the BM he sacrificed her. The excuse he gave her was that this way she would always be with him. Nothing could separate them. So she was not ready to leave. Also her energy was scattered in different parts of the land. After collecting all the energy bits and releasing her from the land, I removed the BM that was done on various parts of the land. When there is a spirit in a place it is normal to find other souls there too. In this case too there were another 5 souls who were living on the land and these too were released. They had come there and was there because the lady was there. 
After this work, 2 energetic extractions were done on the place to clear the land of negativity. And the place was filled with positive energy.
After a few days, the client’s business prospered, and an unexpected new deal came in.