Go Easy on LIFE

Life should not become mechanical and monotonous – it loses its luster. This makes our life less interesting and boring. This makes us feel: Is this all life is about? But we never realize the fact that we ourselves have made our life this way. We forget that we are the captain of the ship.
We have billions of options to make our life interesting and enjoyable. For example-
  1. Explore a new skill.
  2. Try to take a break from your busy schedules and admire nature.
  3. Work on developing yourself (Mind, Soul and Body) to raise your standards.“When we work on our self can we give out the best in everything
  4. Find out what you love to do the most.
  5. Avoid falling in pursuit of materialistic things. “Everything is temporary”.
  6. Go out with your family, enjoy a movie, a good meal etc. Treat yourself once in a while and enjoy the experience of every little moment of life.
  7. Read a novel. I have found knowledge is wealth and developing reading as a habit is a worthy hobby. Books are one of the sources of knowledge. They helps us develop linguistic ability which plays an important role in our growth.
  8. Meditate: Explore yourself.
  9. Play a sport.
  10. Listen to music.
  11. Travel: Explore the world.
  12. Do gardening.
  13. Most of all have a noble mission in life; make life worth it by working towards it.

Authored by GANDHARV

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  1. Deepthi

    I like this post. Nice nw year message. Take charge of your life. Something we often forget. You are the master of your ship and the captain of your soul.


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