Full moon significance: create your own ritual

Since ancient times, the heavenly bodies are known to embody consciousness and energies that drive this universe forward. A full moon is a complete circle, symbolic of totality, wholeness, infinity and unity. Pythagoras described it as a “monad,” the most perfect of creative forms, alluding to enlightenment and perfection in unity with the Omnipresent with no end or breaks.

Astrologically, the moon is said to influence our emotions, subconscious and actions. The moon is the ruler of the zodiac; Cancer and it represents  your emotions, vulnerability, intuitive nature and comfort zones.

A full moon is a very sacred time.  It is a very crucial time for females. The moon alludes to corporeal manifestation of the holy feminine. Earlier the lunar cycles were in sync with women’s menstrual cycles. Women menstruated during the new moon; a time for rest and regeneration and ovulated during a full moon; calling upon the energies of the universe. The very word “menstruation” comes from the prefix “mens-“ which literally means “moon.” The circadian rhythm allowed them to be in tune with nature and humanizing lunar concepts which led women to experience intensified emotional experiences, significant life events and a rise in energy.

The moon is a symbolic soulmate to water. During a full moon, the entire ocean is shook from shore to shore. Biologically speaking, up to 60% of human bodies are made up of water. So what makes you think the magnificent phenomenon won’t affect us?

There are some things, one can do to celebrate this beautiful event and use it to their full advantage! The full moon represents an equalization of yin and yan. A beautiful symmetry, that can help us become more in tune with our deepest desires and be one with nature. After all, we are a part of it!

A full moon represents our hidden desires, our heightened potential hence during this time, there’s an natural upsurge in energy which needs to be channelized properly to attain it’s true glory. Think about what you would like to get amplified within you?  What are the inner resources you need to embody? And visualise them forming roots in your body.

Make moon water
Usually water in a clean container is placed under the moonlight and it is believed to be charged with holy energies. You can use this water to bathe, drink, or feed your plants.

In ancient Indian practices, people would celebrate this day every month, by making kheer, (a sweet Indian dish made out of milk and rice) and placing it in the moonlight all night long. They would collect it before the sunrise and eat it together as one family. It is believed to be charged with nature’s magic which welcomes good luck, financial gains, better health and prosperity in the household.

Journaling helps to clear our thoughts by providing us with a direction. During this ritual, you’re stepping into your  goals and setting new agendas for your life.
Just like the Moon, she has no light of her own, her ability to shine depends on her ability to reflect back. Take this time to reflect back on your past experiences and use those lessons to build a better future for tomorrow.

You can use a candle, crystal or music to enhance the mood.

Charge your crystals and tarot cards
Leave your crystals and tarot cards out in the moonlight for a moon bathe and collect them before sunrise. This will charge them up and cleanse thoroughly. It should be noted that only crystals which derive their energy from the moon should be kept out in the night.

Burn Palo Santo to clean the space
Use Palo Santo and incense sticks to burn away any negativity and clean the aura of the house to welcome positivity and opulence into the place.

Set your intentions and burn away.
It is said during this time our psychic abilities are heightened. Focus on the things you want to remove or change from your life and watch it burn to the ground.

Practice grounding
Take a stroll barefoot in the garden, soak up the moon for at least 15 minutes. It’s a good idea to send positive affirmations to the moon, amidst the wild!

Authored by Ronny

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