I was watching a program on NDTV where many eminent scientists and Gurus were discussing about GOD’s existence and GOD particle. Some of the physicists were of the opinion that life on this planet has happened by chance. There was nothing before and the big bang or collision happened by chance and this planet and life on it came into existence.

On the other hand I see some people believe in GOD but not doing anything to know about Him. They just pray when they are in difficulty or pray for some earthly gain. Some just pray because they think it is a way of ensuring a ticket to heaven.

There are others who don’t have an opinion of their own and blindly believe in what others have to say.

There are people who take this existence for granted and just enjoy life by fulfilling their desires (material or sensual).

And there are very few who are really in search of GOD or have realized that GOD exists and value their existence and use this life in a worthy way (this category has become exceptions which should have been the other way)

What if this existence is not by chance?

What if this existence is a gift given to everyone by GOD? What if we are created by HIM?

Is there a purpose behind everyone’s existence?

Is there true meaning behind one’s existence?

What is this existence?

What am I?

These questions are very fundamental and to get the answers one has to experience and know for himself.

Some of the most beautifully things in this world can only be experienced. Just imagine if you were to understand love by mathematical equations and derivations or by observations can you understand what love truly is?

Experience is the easiest way to confirm the Truth. When you experience your belief or concepts becomes your reality.

Any amount of reading or intellectual knowledge is superficial; they can only contribute to some understanding. To know the Truth of everything as it is you need to work towards it. Meditation is the path.

Authored by GANDHARV

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  1. Shailesh Mhatre

    I think people should know about it, it’s really interesting….


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