Duality of Life

Observation is the key for unlocking the secrets of nature and life. It is these observations which gave rise to science and religion. Today I would like to present one such observation. If you analyse very carefully there is duality everywhere in this world. Positive/negative, Light/Darkness, Happiness/Sadness (pain), Success/Failure, Living /Nonliving, Knowing/ Unknowing etc. Both entities are interdependent; they give a meaning to the other.

This duality can be only be understood by knowing both the extremes. For example, if a person is born blind, he has no idea about light. All he knows is darkness. He is not aware of how light is. He can only assume it. Such a kind of person cannot understand about light when we tell him. So the key thing here is that to understand one extreme you should know the other extreme too. Else it is impossible for such a person to understand the real differentiation between them. Similarly pain and happiness, if a person does not suffer pain he will not be able to differentiate between pain and happiness. Think over it.

Unknowing/Knowing (Awakened state):

When we are born we don’t remember anything. Our mind starts from a clear state. It starts to learn from everywhere. As the learning increases the mind alters. It undergoes a gradual linear transformation.  The nature of mind is such that once it is transformed it never returns back to the same original state. Every human being has a potential to reach and experience the extreme of knowing. Only then can he understand the grandeur of consciousness and preciousness of his life. But how many of us know this? We limit ourselves by closing our minds and by not exploring.

Knowing Vs realizing (experiencing),
Understanding Vs Implementing,
Ideas Vs Action,

Observe the above lines in silence, they have great meaning.

 Knowing, understanding or by just having ideas nothing can be achieved. First realization or experiencing, the implementation and action are necessary. Only when a person experiences can he truly believe. That is the reason this life is a journey of experiences or experiences make life.

Authored by GANDHARV


  1. Deepthi

    We are living like animals at present. Going through the motions of each day like people in some kind of a daze. Not stopping to think or deliberate. Once the thinking sets in, the questioning will follow. Once questioning starts, action has to follow. Then life takes on a new meaning, leading to a fuller richer life, not just an existence.

  2. Sats

    Writeup is good and it would be nice to add related points. Below is some from myside
    From the fresh state (just born) mind keeps on storing both good and bad. Based on what weighs more, the mind speaks through the character. What we call bad is generally easier compared to good. Maybe that is the reason with time, bad overtakes good (what I would call a diminishing state). Plan to write more when I get time


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