Courage to see,
Courage to explore,
Courage to know that is unknown,
Courage to fight for the truth,
Courage to accept and face life as it is,
Courage to believe in yourself,
Courage to go beyond the expected.
Every person makes mistakes but the person who courageously comes out learning from his mistakes is a wise person…..
People are always busy going about their daily chores without stopping for a moment to think. They adapt themselves to other people’s beliefs and start living life for other’s sake and commit all kinds of mistakes not thinking for a moment that it is a mistake. Their borrowed belief system says they are doing the right thing. They commit crime and are happy committing it. One day their fate changes…360 degrees change. Just 5 minutes is enough to wipe out everything- all the beliefs they had borrowed. And these 5 minutes of silence they find after they have committed the mistake and are reaping the punishment. At such times they cannot ignore their thoughts of guilt as their inner consciousness comes into play. They start thinking about all the deeds they have committed. They start analyzing and questioning their thoughts and beliefs – where it came and how it had conquered them. They realize that there is no better judge then their inner conscience and then start trusting their true conscience (self belief) because it brought them face to face with the naked truth and opened their eyes. From that moment of their life they acquire the strength and courage to leave behind the past and learn from their mistakes. This changes them forever and in the end they become the noblest of all.
Authored by GANDHARV


  1. Deepthi

    True. But many a times, people dont realise their mistakes and why life metes out a certain punishment to them. They just ask ‘Why me?’, not realising the simple fact that what goes out comes back.

  2. vishnu

    Good one..nice to read the thoughts that have come deep within the heart!

  3. Anand

    Courage is the factor which is required to stand against the failure, especially when one fails not only once but again and again, if he gives up then he is a coward. The one who does not give is really a brave guy. Remember Thomas Alva Edison he invented the light bulb after innumerable failed attempts and when asked why he pursued his quest even after 10, 0001 attempts, not wanting to admit failure to which he simply replied, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” that was his Optimism and I think its just because he never lost his Courage and Patience, obviously which was extra-ordinary than any other normal person. So the world remembers him today and forever. So when we are very sure and confident with our self about any idea then I think we should not give up that idea in our Life.


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