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“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.”–Buddha

Everyday GOD puts something good in your life. Embrace it. Let all the other stuff fall away. The challenge we face is recognizing the answers to the most burning questions. It may be right in front of us, so keep your mind clear and open.

Enjoy every moment. They say “if you are sad for 60 seconds it means you are missing precious 60 seconds of happiness”. So be happy. Take things positively.

Mind is highly unstable – all the time it has to attach itself to something. This is the nature of mind. When you sit silently and observe your mind you can find numerous thoughts, it will be either thinking about the past or the future and rarely about the present moment. If a person is experiencing happiness it attaches to it, if a person is experiencing depression it attaches to it thus making us get attached to the situation. Happiness and sadness are like clouds, they keep moving. Can a cloud cover up the bright sun all the time? No. Happiness and sadness are temporary; they do not last for long. When you understand this it makes it easier to not be so attached to what you are experiencing.

Think about it – what if mind is made to attach itself to silence? What if mind is made not to think and to be in absolute thoughtless state? What if you are able to separate mind and your being?

How many people care to train their mind? They all know that mind is the cause of all problems. Mind can be a very good friend but it can also be the worst enemy. How many people are facing mental problems? How many people are stressed and tensed all the time? How many people have become slaves to drinking to escape from the problems they are facing? When a person is faced with problems, some can be solved but the solution to some problems are not in his hand. So it is natural that when problems increase his mind becomes disturbed and he may lose control of himself.

What if he gives even 1hr a day to train his mind, to go into a state of deep silence? All problems he faces can be thought over in a calmer state of mind in a more controlled way by not getting attached to the situation.

Yes, I agree training the mind is a difficult task but not impossible. When a person sees Mount Everest from its foot it is obvious he gets terrified by the idea of climbing it. But if he keeps one step ahead keeping his target in focus, he will definitely reach the top one fine day. Think about it. Training the mind becomes easy when you practice daily and keep one step ahead daily. A journey of thousand miles starts with one simple step you keep.

That is why all great people who have walked on this earth worked on their mind first. Mind is the key to everything.

I remember a quote mentioned in Bhagavad Gita which is worth mentioning in this context. Lord Krishna tells Arjuna

“Whether one attains elevation or degradation through one’s mind depends on oneself only, for the mind can be one’s friend or one’s foe. The mind is the friend of one who has conquered it. But for the one who hasn’t done so, the mind is his foe. For one who has conquered the mind joy, sorrow, pain and pleasure are the same. He attains peace and realises the Supreme Soul”

Authored by GANDHARV



  1. Anand

    Nicely explained. Controlling mind has become the biggest challenge of our life, as said by Lord Krishna one who does will attains peace and realizes the Supreme Soul.

  2. Deepthi

    I agree. The mind is the most powerful and training the mind can achieve wonders. The state of our mind can be altered to our benefit and this is in our hands.

  3. Anonymous

    well said…
    but i am bit confused on the meaning of “training the mind”. does the author refering to it as maintaining calm, composed, thoughtful mindset.

  4. Gandharv

    “Training the mind” refers to exercises one has to practice from which a person can control his mind and have calm and clear mind.


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