Born Original – Created Copy

My philosophy is that “we should have our own originality but should learn from everywhere”.

Each person is unique in his own way, when a person tries to copy others he is not only wasting his thinking power and creative mind he is losing himself. When he copies it always becomes a second copy and will never have the originality, uniqueness and soul of its own.

Just a thought…. think over it

Observe the creation of nature around you; it’s so beautifully carved. Every object or every living thing that is created by the Creator is unique in its own way and is not a copy. No two organisms are the same, no two intelligence of two persons are same, no two substances have the same purpose.

Every person is gifted with intelligence and is unique. Never underestimate yourself. If you have not explored yourself don’t worry. Start now. Better to be late than not to start. Find out who you are. Understand what you are. Your reality can be uncovered only by you. You are the owner of your life. This existence is precious don’t waste it.

Authored by GANDHARV 


  1. Deepthi Gandharv

    I agree with most of what you have said here. Each one of us is a unique work of creation. But as we go on in life we ape other people , who we think are better than us. We definitely have to learn from others, take those points in their character which are good and incorporate that into ours, so that we can perfect ourselves. But like you said in this process we should not lose sight of our originality and change into someone else altogether.

  2. Kavita

    All of us are born different with different set of abilities, but as we grow up we are so much compared with this and that him and her that we really lose our originality. What ever we learn from others should also be imbibed into ourselves in such a way that it should blend with our true selves.

  3. Mohammed

    a short but very provokin thought..

  4. Anand

    Well said, explore yourself to find originality which is hidden inside you. Everyone knows how a parent bird teaches baby birds to fly and brings the originality from baby birds. Parent bird just pushes baby birds from nest from the top of tree, nobody teaches baby birds to fly; it has its own originality to fly by itself.
    When those baby birds can WHY CANT WE !!

  5. Gandharv

    Nice example Anand 🙂


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