Body– Body is the vehicle for the soul. It is a medium through which a living being does worldly activities. It is destroyable.

Mind– It is the outer most layer of consciousness. A stable and focused mind is one of the prerequisite to connect to soul. Mind is the key to connect to soul. When mind establishes connection with soul, you can say he is in touch with his soul. When the awareness level of person is that of soul awareness he is said to be Awakened Soul or a Complete Man.

Soul– is the Inner most consciousness. It dwells in heart region. Soul holds all the secrets about previous lives, knowledge, learning etc. It is immortal which does not die when the body dies. Enlightened Soul is free from the cycle of life and death.

Prana/ Life force– It is the life force that is present in all living things. This is what distinguishes it from a dead or non-living object. It manifests in the form of breath in living beings. It propels body and gives energy to perform its all activities. Once prana leaves body, it’s considered dead. At this point, Soul, mind and body separates. Based on its karma, it takes up new body and new mind.

Authored by GANDHARV



  1. mithun

    what is the difference between spirit and the soul

    1. Gandharv (Post author)

      The Spirit that dwells within your body is concentrated in the heart region which is the inner most core of the Being. This is Soul. I hope this clarifies your question.

  2. Enoch

    God is not a Trinity. Man is not a trinity. From Taylor’s book:
    According to the Word of God, God formed Man’s body from the dust of the ground, breathed God’s breath of life (spirit) into Man’s body, and Man came alive, became a living soul; that is, Body + Spirit = Soul. Genesis 2:7 shows that The Trinity is a false doctrine. The Trinity, or any trinity, has 3 equal parts. This equation accurately reflects Genesis 2:7, and it demonstrates that body, spirit, and soul are not 3 equal parts. This equation says that body and spirit are two parts each by itself, but the soul is not a part by itself, for the soul is dependent on the other two parts, body + spirit. Can a body exist by itself? Yes. Can a spirit exist by itself? Yes. Can a soul exist by itself? No. A soul needs both body and spirit in order to come into existence, as this verse explicitly says.
    Copyright © 2016-2017 Arthur Rain Taylor. All Rights Reserved.
    Body, Spirit, Soul – An Exposition of Genesis 2:7
    ISBN-10:0-9985753-1-3; ISBN-13:978-0-9985753-1-5
    20-pages essay, $2.99 at iTunes, Barnes & Noble, etc.

    1. Gandharv (Post author)

      Hi Enoch,

      Thank you for writing.

      The article is outcome of experience so it not from any doctrine. And when I say soul it means the deepest core of our being and not body + Spirit.

      There is difference between what is said and how it is interpreted. I believe in practicality. And I don’t want to comment about GOD.

      Body to exist as Being depends on Spirit and Prana. Without which is just a flesh or matter. When Prana leaves the body, person dies(where MIND, SOUL OR SPIRIT IS NO MORE IN THAT BODY) that means body is equivalent to just body with no life force. And yes Spirit can exist by itself.

      Only answer for all the questions is experience. The Science of Yoga can help in this direction to realize the truth about soul… Or to realize the truth about GOD.

      Thank you,
      With love,


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