3 principles that are making my life very easy

Painter: Swaroop Roy
Painting details : These are the different emotional levels of person who is suffering from attachment, fear and expectation. The background shade from darker to brighter color shows the gradual coming out of these emotions..
You can never lead a peaceful life in fear, expectations and attachment.
Live a life without fear.
In fear you are always not yourself. You do things against your will. You do things because someone is forcing you to do so. You are scared. You cannot be free, there is no freedom. And freedom is the primary essential factor for a good life. Fear creates worries and tension. Think about it.Truly loving another means letting go of all expectations.

Expectations result in disappointment and hurt. When you expect something from others it is again dependence. It may or may not happen as you expect. When it does not happen you feel depressed and frustrated. In reality we are the reason for our disappointment, we our self are drawing upon instability. The right approach would be – “Don’t expect anything from anyone”. When you follow this principle there is no chance of dependence, worries, disappointment or unhappiness. You tend to become more and more stable. And when you feel very good when you receive a gift unexpectedly, you learn to value the gift and at the same time experience the joy that comes when you are not attached to “expectation”.
Attachment gives rise to fear, addiction, pain, stress, possessiveness.
There are two extremes that one has to avoid in case of attachment. One extreme is like I am in water, I get so attached to the water that I feel I cannot do without it, and drown myself in my journey. The other extreme is renouncing everything and coming out of the water. The middle path that I follow is to be inside the water but still remain untouched like I am wearing a diver’s suit. I can get into the water at my will and get out of it at my will. The water does not affect me in any way. I enjoy myself both inside and outside the water.

Authored by GANDHARV



  1. Deepthi

    Giving up fear, expectations and attachment.. is this not a very ‘perfect’ scenario. How often can normal people say they are totally bereft of fear or expectations or attachment? All human beings have these feelings..without which they would be the so called ‘Mahatmas’.

  2. A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart!

    @ Deepthi – these are golden words… we humans cannot be perfect… but these are the guiding lights which we should follow to reach to the right destination.

    @ Gandharv – nice blog. very informative posts… are you into this field professionally or u like to write about it?



  3. Gandharv


    Thanks. I am not into it professionally. Website and blog was an effort to help people with what they have forgotten completely….to help them to discover their true Self…. I am in the process and people need to know what I know because this can change their life forever……


  4. Deepthi

    Hi Restless!

    I agree that these are guiding lights..to guide us along the right path. What I am only saying is that sometimes and somewhere in life there will be attachment and expectation. Our destination should not be such that it is unattainable. We can be unattached with most things and people but with that one person who we share a special bond, attachment will be there, and I am sure the author of this blog will agree with me on this point.

  5. Gandharv


    Thanks for your valuable feedback 🙂

    There are somethings I would like to clarify for this post. The above principles should not be treated as a end point or a goal that everyone should reach…when we try to follow them, starting it may be difficult but gradually as time passes these principles becomes a part of our character and makes our life easy…

    “We can be unattached with most things and people but with that one person who we share a special bond, attachment will be there,”

    It is a general tendency with people to mistake this special bond of “love” that you mention in the above statement with “Attachment”.
    There is very thin line of difference between “Attachment” and “Love”. A love is said to be divine and pure when it is not attached to expectations or linked to “attachment”. Love itself is a greatest bond. Conditioned love is “attachment”. Unconditional love is pure love. A wise soul who is matured can make out this difference between “LOVE” and “Attachment”.

    But to remind these principles are only to make our life easy….if you cannot make out the differences thats Ok….special bond or attachment with that one person cannot make life very difficult. 🙂


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