I-Evolution Program

It was a great learning experience The workshop met my objective of learning the basic techniques of meditation. Deepthi and Gandharv make a good effort in making the learning process simple and easy to understand.

A beautiful start to a life changing experience.

Enjoyed the class. Had a different experience and got to learn a lot. Got immense peace by learning all the meditation techniques and the pranayama. Hope I get to learn more and get to attend the upcoming classes.

“I appreciate your efforts of making ancient Indian wisdom available to normal people. We really need such things. Level 1 is good. Will wait for level 2.”

Great experience. I was never able to meditate as I am able to do it now. I have understood the true importance of Meditation. You guys are just amazing.  

The course was worth doing and a good journey within.

“The course is extremely helpful to begin the journey of meditation and yoga. The concepts were cleared and this will help in building the foundation for the journey.”

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Reiki Workshop

Attending the Reiki Level 1 workshop has opened the doors of self realization, self healing and an urge to heal others in me. It is a very enlightening experience and has calmed me down. Feel a sense of satisfaction. In fact maybe I have found a new purpose in life. Thank you.

Reiki healing technique is very powerful. Helping me to experience and learn to heal myself and others in a right guided way by Deepthi was very helpful. Session was a great experience.

It was a good experience and learning. It is always a great skill to be able to help others, heal others and through Reiki one can do this thing. So thanks to you for giving us this ability and skill to heal and help others.

I had a wonderful experience of rediscovering myself. Thank you Deepthi and Gandharv for passing on this knowledge to us.

The workshop was very informative and useful. I could feel the energy flow very distinctly. I could even give Reiki to family member and they could feel the difference . A very good workshop indeed.

A very helpful workshop which helps in reducing stress. A deep insight into using energy to heal. It also energies the body and mind positively. A great technique to help others to heal.

This has been very beautiful and I plan to continue this wonderful journey to enhance my life.



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