While learning Clinical Hypnotherapy from CHII, I was so excited about the idea that I would be going to see and experience one of my past lives. All the other students were very easily getting hypnotised and they were able to see their past life. But unfortunately even though my teacher took me to a deeper state of mind I was not able to see my past life. I was thinking about this, why is it happening to everyone and is not happening to me.  When one my friends was seeing and experiencing his past life, as my teacher guided him, I was just observing how everyone in the room was so excited to listen to what he has to say. When he said he is in a desert surrounded by people I was wondering what clothes they were wearing? Which era is it?  How does he look or how do the people look? What connection does he have with those people? What he is going to do next? What time of the day it is?  Is it afternoon or night?  So many questions were running in my mind. And I was so curious to know about all the details. When I went back home my mind was running through all the observations and insights that I had gained. During that time there was a very important realisation that happened to me. I realised the importance of being in the present and experiencing everything right now moment to moment as it arises. I realised that Awareness was always there with me but still how ignorant I was and lived this life so blindly by giving more importance to past. Then from that day onwards I am practicing to become more aware.  This kind of practice is called “Mindfulness” in Buddhism. It can be simply put as being in present, recognising and paying full attention or becoming aware of everything that is happening within or outside us.

Authored by GANDHARV

Image Courtesy: Google Images

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