If you are more than mind and body do you want to explore this?

Do you want to realize the core of your Being?

Do you want to realize the fundamental workings of the mind and world you live in?

Do you want to realize the deepest thoughts and emotions in yourself?

Do you want to understand the true nature of your Self?

Do you want to heal yourself?

Do you want to help in the process of healing the world?

Do you want to bring stability, joy and peace in your life?

Then welcome! You have come to the right place.



 Healing Modalities used for healing works/ therapy


Reiki – Ancient Japanese healing technique


Touch Healing – Experience the healing energy restoring you to vibrant health


Crystal Healing – See how crystals can change your life


Hypnotherapy- Know the power of your subconscious mind how it can help you to heal


Regression Therapy – Experience deep healing which heals at all the levels- mental, physical and emotional

past life

Past life Regression – Heal your life and free yourself from energy blockages across timelines.


Chakra Balancing and Aura Cleansing – Feel the change in you after your energies are balanced

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